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Our rules engine makes it easy to create and combine the scripts you need

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    Select and combine rules

    Discounts, promotions, pricing and more

    Create rule sets
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    Click "Generate Script"

    Playwright generates optimized code

    Click "Generate Script"
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    Use in your store

    Transfer to the Script Editor app

    Use in your store

Create your first script for free.

Explore the power of Playwright free of charge

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Plug-n-play Templates

Combine and stack a variety of scripts and customize to your needs

Buy One
Get One Offers

Offer free or discounted products based on purchases


Special pricing and discounts for wholesale customers

Product Bundles
and Kits

Apply a discount when customers buys a set of items

Free Gift
with Purchase

Offer a free product when the cart meets certain criteria

VIP Customer

Special offers for customers based on tags, email or other fields


Discounts based on the number of products purchased


Combine restrictions for customers, products, minimum spend and more


Ability to turn off discounts under certain circumstances

$ 49 per
  • Unlimited rules
  • Line Item scripts
  • Payment scripts
  • Shipping scripts
  • Email support

Save time.
Save money.

Playwright easily pays for itself in just one hour of monthly developer time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a Shopify Plus plan?
Yes. The scripts generated by Playwright need to be transferred to the Shopify Scripts Editor app.
Is Playwright in the Shopify app store?
Yes. We just recently added a listing. you can view it here: However, because Playwright only works with Shopify Plus stores, it will not show up when searching for apps from the main store page.
How does the free plan work?
You can create a script in Playwright using a single rule for free. When you are ready to create scripts using multiple combined rules, simply upgrade your account.
Why are my generated scripts all on one line?
Playwright optimizes your script to run most efficiently in Shopify. Part of that optimization is minifying the script.
Do you support Shipping and Payment Scripts?
Yes! You can select which script type you want to generate from the main Playwright dashboard.
Do you support the new Shopify Subscriptions?

Create your first script for free.

Explore the power of Playwright free of charge